Tribal Medallion Ivory Mug with lid

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The tribal medallion, a collaboration between National Park Service staff and Tribal colleagues, was developed with the artistry of Andy Dufford, Chevo Studios, as a way to introduce park visitors to the Native American cultures that maintain strong cultural and spiritual ties to the canyon. The original medallion, embedded as a landmark, can be seen at the Mather Point area of Grand Canyon National Park.

The central theme of the canyon is seen in the stair steps, in the center. The stars represent the constellations, the water symbols, on the outer ring, remind us of the ongoing importance of rain and water in the desert southwest, and the hand is a reminder of all who have come this way before. The Tribal names are oriented in the general direction of each of their current homelands.

Ceramic Mug

14 ounces 

Spill resistant

Plastic Slide action lid.

Cork base protects from heat and scratches.

No not Microwave

Hand wash recommended.

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