Dogozhi Black-on-White Kiva Jar

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This reproduction pottery was inspired by pottery found in Grand Canyon National Park, made by Ancestral Puebloan people, from a collection preserved by the Grand Canyon Conservancy. The Ancestral pieces can be found in the Grand Canyon Museum Collection and some original pieces are currently hanging at the Desert view Watchtower.

Handcrafted by Designs by Anna

  • Reproduction measures approximately: 2" tall x 3" across 
  • Lead-free, microwave & dishwasher safe

This Kiva Jar represents a Dogozhi Black-on-White design. An Ancestral Puebloan pottery design made by the people of the Kayenta tradition. The design is characterized by hatching of framed elements. It is believed that Ancestral Puebloans used Kiva Jars to store special materials such as planting seeds, weaving and ritual supplies. 

Made in the USA

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