Grand Canyon National Park Split Twig Cap

Grand Canyon National Park Split Twig Cap

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Split Twig Figurines were first recognized in Grand Canyon in 1933. Split Twig
Figurines are made from a single twig, usually willow that is split down the
middle and folded into the animal shape. Some of these figures are pierced
with sticks or spears and may have horns or antlers.The figures are believed
to be of big horn sheep or possibly mule deer but their exact function is not
known. Because most of the figurines were found in remote, uninhabited
caves, carefully placed under rock cairns, archeologists believe they were
ceremonial in nature to the Archaic hunting and gathering culture that lived in
this area during the Paleoindian Period between 11,500 B.P. (before present)
and 3,000 years ago.

Hat color: Black

Fabric: Brushed Cotton

Adjustable size with buckle strap.

Made in the USA

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