The Archaeology of Grand Canyon : Ancient Peoples, Ancient Places

The Archaeology of Grand Canyon : Ancient Peoples, Ancient Places

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Grand Canyon occupies a special place in the world's imagination. Each year millions of people visit Grand Canyon National Park seeking inspiration from the canyon's impressive visual spectacle and the awesome physical forces that created it. Of necessity, most visitors experience the canyon at a distance, looking into it either from comfortably smooth trails at rim's edge or from a helicopter flying above the rugged terrain. A fortunate few hike into the canyon's depths or take and exhilarating ride by boat through its hear on the Colorado River. Nearly all will focus, and justifiably so, on the overwhelming beauty of the canyon's natural features, the lessons to be learned about this place from science, and the many compelling accounts of it's modern exploration.

But Grand Canyon offers another story, one involving its ancient residents and their ways of life. This volume summarizes what we now understand about that story, a narrative reaching back nearly 140 centuries and covering virtually every part of the canyon's landscape that is accessible by foot, water, or rope.

- Christian E. Downum, Francis E. Smiley, and Susan G. Smiley

ISBN: 978-1-934656-84-6

290 pages; softcover; 8 1/4" x 10 1/2"

Photographs, diagrams, maps, and illustrations

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