One Best Hike: Grand Canyon

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Everything you need to know to successfully hike from the rim to the river - and back. 

The Grand Canyon's striking geology and over-whelming scale inspires the millions who stand on its South Rim each year. Venture into the canyon's depths on the Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails to the mighty Colorado River, and spend the night at Indian Garden or Bright Angel campgrounds, or Phantom Ranch. 

While tremendously rewarding, this 16.1 mile loop hike demands much even of experienced trekkers. Hikers need to prepare for the hot temperatures, lack of shade, long distance, elevation change, and other potential dangers. This step-by-step helps you tackle this trip with confidence. 

Here you'll find: 

  • Trail-tested details on how to choose hiking partners and an appropriate pace, what to pack, when to go, how to get a permit, and what side trips to consider
  • Advice on proper physcial conditioning, including acclimating to the desert heat, staying hydrated, and preventing illness
  • Details about the area's human history and the geologic features, plants, and animals you'll see

by: Elizabeth Wenk

softcover, 173 pages, ISBN: 978-0-89997-491-0

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