The Rapids and the Roar: A Boating History of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon

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It's one thing to read Colorado River history, but another thing entirely to read Colorado River history written by someone who was not only in the middle of it, but made a significant portion of that history himself. Gaylord Staveley recounts all of the significant early expeditions down the Colorado, then goes beyond that to describe, in captivating detail, his own experiences as a commercial outfitter in the Grand Canyon during the transitional years of the 1950s and 1960s. This was a time when struggles between commercial outfitters, private boaters, and the National Park Service were at their height, when river running as recreation was booming. He also describes the final days of Glen Canyon, as the dam was nearing completion and boaters were struggling to get in their last trips before the reservoir filled the canyons. Anyone who is familiar with Colorado River history will find much that's new and interesting, and those who are just coming to the subject will be riveted. 

softcover, 333 pages 

ISBN: 978-1-892327-15-4

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